2018 Board election results

We are pleased to announce the results of this past election. Below you will find the list of nominees and the amount of votes each of them received.

President – Carmelo Falú Rodríguez

24 votes total
23 in support
1 abstained

Secretary – Melinda Manzo

24 votes total
22 in support
2 abstained

Region II Representative – Kenton Myers

24 votes total
22 in support
2 abstained

Region IV Representative – Ruth de Jesús

24 votes total
22 in support
2 abstained

Member at Large (Deaf seat) – Roberto Sandoval

24 votes total
24 in support

Thank you to all of you who casted your votes and congratulation to the newly elected board members!

Best regards,

Eli Sierra, MS, NIC, BEI Advanced Trilingual
Nominations Committee Chair

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Welcome to our new website!

This new site is designed to be accessible and user-friendly on all platforms: desktop, tablet, and mobile. We hope you will find it informative and useful. On this site, just as with our old site, you will find news, events, and resources related to ASL-English-Spanish trilingual interpreting and of course our Trilingual Interpreter Directory. If you are not yet listed, or if you need to update your listing, please request to Join the Interpreter Directory. If it is you need to renew your membership, or would you like to become a member, join us! You may also opt to follow us by e-mail if you like.

Este nuevo sitio está diseñado para ser accesible y fácil de usar en todas las plataformas: escritorio, tableta y móvil. Esperamos que lo encuentre informativo y útil. En este sitio, al igual que en nuestro sitio anterior, encontrará noticias, eventos y recursos relacionados con la interpretación trilingüe ASL-inglés-español y, por supuesto, nuestro Directorio de Intérpretes Trilingües. Si aún no figura en la lista, o si necesita actualizar su listado, solicite unirse al Directorio de Intérpretes. Si necesita renovar su membresía, o si desea hacerse miembro, ¡únase a nosotros! También puede optar por seguirnos por correo electrónico si lo desea.

Le pido perdón por cualquier error que se encuentra en esta entrada. Actualmente, estoy en el proceso de mejorar mis habilidades con el español escrito y hablado. —Daniel Greene, Mano a Mano Webmaster

Mano a Mano response to Gov. Jindal Exec Order

Mano a Mano Response to Executive Order issued by Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (NO. BJ 2015 – 8), the so-called “Marriage and Conscience Order” For the text of the Order, see: http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osr/other/bj15-8.htm Mano a Mano, a national professional organization of trilingual (English-Spanish-ASL) interpreters, supports diversity, inclusion, and equal treatment of all individuals. Unfortunately, Executive […]

NCIEC Survey of interpreter practitioners

Dear Interpreter,

I am writing to invite your participation in a survey of interpreting practitioners.

The National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) is conducting this survey as part of our on-going series of needs assessments intended to identify noteworthy trends in the field.

Your participation in this survey will not only help determine decisions about the use of resources for the remainder of the grant cycle, but will help guide the next cycle of grant funding. Having data from your program in this survey is extremely important.

We realize this is a busy time of the year, but the survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please use this link to open the survey:


Please note that there are currently two surveys in circulation, one for interpreting practitioners and one for interpreting education program administrators. If you have both roles, please complete both surveys. But please, fill out the surveys only once.

Note that if you wish to opt out, the opportunity to do so is on the first page of the survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

If you have any questions, please contact nciec@interpretereducation.org.



Cathy Cogen, Director
National Interpreter Education Center
Northeastern University